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Chic Halloween DIY Glitter Skulls

For those of you who want to go the chic Halloween home decor route instead of scary this year, today’s post is made for you!

It isn’t Halloween until we surround ourselves with spooky skulls. Skulls are pretty scary on its own! However, with a little bit of DIY craftiness, we can turn them into chic glitter pieces with a few supplies easily found from the craft store. Keep reading for instructions and ideas!

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From HomeSeasons

On a covered surface, prepare all your supplies. Cover the skull in a light layer of mod podge with the sponge paintbrush. Sprinkle the glitter to cover all of the skull (make sure to get into the hollows of the eyes and the nose), using the plate to catch the glitter. Pat the glitter on to make sure it sticks. Let dry for 15-30 mins (or until dry to the touch). If there are any spots you missed, add a little more mod podge on the area and re-glitter and let dry again.

Once completely dried, cover the whole skull with a thin layer of mod podge. This thin layer minimized glitter fallout from the skull. As much as we love glitter, we don’t want it all over our house! Let completely dry for at least a few hours.

The possibilities to this project are endless! Here are some more ideas on different designs and patterns for your glitter skull:

  • ombre pattern – do one section at a time and create a gradient fade on the skull with different shades of the same color glitter
  • sugar skull design – draw a pattern on your skull for a sugar skull design and work on one feature at a time. Use a smaller paintbrush for the initial mod podge application and glitter one color at a time.
  • a display of multicolored skulls – cover a few skulls in different colored glitter according to your Halloween color theme and display them on a shelf or as a centerpiece for a table

We think this project is a quick and easy idea to try with the family, and make great gifts! What other ideas can you think of for glitter skulls? Share with us in the comments below!

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Halloween in July?

We here at Home Seasons know it’s only mid-July, but we can’t help but be excited for this year’s Halloween! Halloween has become one of the top go-all-out-and-decorate holidays, only second to Christmas! For such a big, momentous occasion, we have to brace ourselves. I wouldn’t want to venture out the week of Halloween only to find all the good decorations out of stock on the weekend. Don’t forget: this year’s Halloween is on Monday!

In the recent years, the box office has been one great predictor of Halloween trends. With the whole fad on the Twilight saga and Harry Potter series (it’s over!), vampires, wizards, and witches have been more popular than ever!

This year will definitely be a colorful Halloween. We’re thinking orange (of course), purple, magenta, and lime green!

Check out our Home Seasons Tumblr page for more pictures of holiday decor inspiration!

We have this glittery purple and orange pumpkin wreath in stock at Homeseasons right now for Halloween 2011! Happy shopping!

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